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Ally Light Tunnel

Ally Charlotte Center    Charlotte, NC

In the summer of 2022, Visitor Creative unveiled an interactive, immersive media experience spanning Ally Charlotte Center’s 2nd and 3rd floors. Designed to engage and support the communities of Charlotte, NC, and Ally Financial, the Light Tunnel infuses Ally’s corporate center with the brand’s mission of transparency and authenticity. The conceptualized, dual-facing, and interactive light tunnel creates an interior immersive-experiential environment while also producing live, observable interaction for exterior viewers at all angles. The installation’s tri-layer, multimodal display platform was designed to allow diverse angles and simultaneous viewing perspectives within single creatives from distances both near and far.

The Visitor team worked to produce and deliver a comprehensive package of custom artwork for the unique digital platform, offering a diverse range of engaging looks, bespoke design features and periodic renewals to foster year-round engagement. 

The unique lighting design of the tunnel and  the implementation of our custom management software facilitates immediate alterations between large-scale community messaging, custom motion-art exhibitions and branded building facade enhancement.

The progressive digital designs in the now-iconic Ally Charlotte Center welcome tenants and visitors alike, and further activate the bustling block as a landmark for accessible, immersive art experiences within the city of Charlotte.


Ally Charlotte Center    Charlotte, NC


Crescent Communities and Ally Charlotte Center engaged our team to create a permanent multi-story, data-driven digital installation that forms a narrative between the recently completed building, its forward-thinking designers and developers, and the local region of Charlotte, NC.


Our team took inspiration from the history and context of the development’s site on a former quarry for the City Crushing Company. The site’s geologic features and past uses inspired the overall texture and color palette of the artwork, and the structure of the building’s lobby–representing the hollow cavity within a rock where one might find a geode–inspired the array of vertical digital canvases that feature constantly evolving data-driven art informed by the community.

The engaging, site-specific animation leverages meaningful local data which subtly speaks to a progressive and inspiring outlook on the quality of life in Charlotte, NC. The colors selected are intended to both complement their corresponding datasets on a conceptual level and create an overall harmonious palette of evergreen content.

Expanding the possibilities of holistic design concepts, Geode at Ally Charlotte center is a centerpiece of constantly transforming beauty for tenants and visitors alike.