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Digital+Generative Art

Bridging the worlds of data, technology, and digital art, Visitor regularly curates and commissions artists to create data-visualization and generate artworks for public programming. Live and relevant data—such as weather patterns, traffic, or book records—can be utilized and abstractly represented through various generative techniques which brings a sense of interactivity and presence to the work. By transforming information into captivating art, the works remain infinitely rich in depth, complexity, and relevance.

Arnaud Laffond · FLOAT · Julius Horsthuis · Nate Mohler · Can Büyükberber · Sofia Crespo · Nancy Baker Cahill · Kriz Tonian · Daniel Savage · Jeron Braxton · Jimmy Edgar · Vince Fraser · Vasya Kolotusha · Dirk Koy · Victor Moatti · Shane Griffin · Jesse Woolston · Creative Aya · Sabrina Ratte · Nicolas Sassoon · Micah Johnson · Kushagra Gupta · Robert Seidel