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in Time

Kettner & Ash    San Diego, CA


Our team was engaged by Cushman & Wakefield and DivcoWest to create a monolithic, evergreen digital art piece for the newly-renovated Kettner & Ash office development to celebrate its historic location in San Diego’s famed Little Italy district.


Fragments in Time envisions a series of interwoven vignettes that celebrate Italian nostalgia alongside contemporary culture unique to San Diego. Our team also implemented StandardVision’s proprietary content management system SVRunner to easily monitor and update the artwork. The software facilitates dynamic transitions between creatives, generating unexpected juxtapositions through a permutation algorithm and evoking seemingly endless variations and viewing experiences with each visit.

To facilitate the vision, Visitor created a hybrid approach that marries photo collage with animation and real-time transitions. The resulting artwork features endless permutations of cultural epochs through time that speak to San Diego’s rich history.