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Maggie West’s Eternal Garden

Los Angeles, CA


When contemporary photography and installation artist Maggie West partnered with Vellum LA to create a large-scale pop-up of her Eternal Garden NFT series, West approached Visitor to facilitate translating the digital work into a groundbreaking, immersive activation.


Eternal Garden was the vibrant result of West’s layered process: photographing flowers under colored lights and then transforming the time-lapse footage into an animated spectrum of digital floral landscapes. Visitor consulted with the artist to transform her vivid animations into a dimensional, surreal landscape that could be explored and experienced on several of StandardVision’s large-scale, immersive LED walls. With sound design by Things You Say, the pop-up installation drew hundreds of attendees for its limited run and subsequently resulted in West’s Eternal Garden NFTs selling out on Nifty Gateway in under one minute.