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Public Digital Art Exhibitions

Los Angeles, CA


As part of our team’s core philosophy of bringing art to new audiences, Visitor had the vision of exhibiting diverse art programming on a city-wide scale. Having curated and produced public art activations for the digital billboard at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown LA Live for over 5 years, it was our team’s goal to expand this programming to further amplify the work of emerging and established artists, and provide large scale public access to inspiring works from esteemed creative institutions.


Inspired by the huge success of our curated programming on the Courtyard Marriott Downtown LA Live facade, Visitor expanded this initiative to include several of StandardVision and StandardVision partners’ unique, large-scale digital media facades located across Los Angeles. A combination of diversely curated motion and still work from artists from around the globe, the program has reached tens of millions of people worldwide and garnered countless awards and recognition, simultaneously amplifying the work of more than 250 international emerging and established artists.  Recognized as an innovator within the contemporary art world, Visitor is committed to these ongoing public art exhibitions to provide unmatched visibility for artists outside of the traditional gallery and institutional spaces.