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The Journey Of Being
Paris, France

In Collaboration with VOID

The Journey Of Being was screened as part of the Immersive Art Festival, at the iconic Atelier des Lumieres in Paris, France. Using 140 projectors and a fully spatialized sound system, this immersive installation covered a total surface area of 3,300 m2.

“The yearning tormented my mind,
I searched the heavens and the ground.
I looked and looked, but failed to find,
I found Him inside man at last.”

—Yunus Emre

Inspired by our cosmic origins within the universe, The Journey of Being examines the concept that all mysteries of “Being” lie within humanity. By revealing an abstract iteration of the individual’s journey back to this source, this monolithic and immersive installation visualizes a seven-stage odyssey back in time and space–from human creation to the Big Bang. Stages are held from an universal perspective as a process even though the roots of the concept are based on Mysticism.