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The Webster Los Angeles

Kahlil Joseph, Adjaye Associates    West Hollywood, CA

The unique immersive-art landmark installation for the luxury clothing store The Webster at the newly renovated Beverly Center in West Hollywood is a fully integrated architectural experience for the store’s modern layout.

Designed by renowned architect David Adjaye and executive architect Neumann-Smith, the entrance includes a custom lighting technology installation and featuring the work of contemporary artist Kahlil Joseph. The result is a new one-of-a-kind illuminated destination and public art piece for The Webster’s flagship location in Los Angeles’ famed luxury district.

Infusing Commercial Space with Artistic Impression.

Bringing Light to Art and Fashion.

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Bringing Light to Art and Fashion.

With the goal of producing a new form of public/private high art installation that effortlessly integrates an experiential pedestrian experience with a sophisticated brand, The Webster’s facade is a testament to how physical commercial spaces can be transformed into immersive environments that reflect the future of high end retail.