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US Bank Tower

Los Angeles, CA

Starting in 2018, the Visitor team was selected to create transformative and site specific animations to activate the curved, immersive 8K lobby video wall at the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles. Leveraging Visitor’s exploratory and experimental creative process, our animation team conceptualized and launched a dynamic collection of rich artworks created specifically for the colossal scale of the lobby wall, the largest and highest resolution of its kind in Los Angeles. 


Chroma Cilium, a vibrant work inspired by natural flora and the palette of the underwater world, transforms the US Bank Tower lobby display into an otherworldly living wall. Drawing on naturally occurring patterns within nature, Visitor Creative investigated conceptual scale transformation of organic elements in order to transport viewers into a stimulating and immersive environment. Chroma Cilium explores the deeper connection between our organic origins and how they influence our psychological attraction to visual stimuli created by modern technology. 


An abstract retro-futuristic celebration of Los Angeles’ vernacular neon signage, Neon Reflections incorporates techniques ranging from photography to animation to create a compelling digital celebration of the iconic signs.


A transformative, site-specific animation inspired by paintbrush strokes, Visitor’s animation team created the 3D work Painted Hills as a vibrantly abstract work conceptualized around natural landscapes. Drawing on the gradual slope of rolling hills and the subtly mesmerizing color strokes of a painter's brush, the piece transports viewers into an immersive and kaleidoscopic environment.


With the goal of creating a collection of works to inspire calm and immerse viewers in a moment of meditative quiet, Visitor’s animation team conceptualized and developed artworks which mimic weather and color patterns found in nature. Generated from real world imagery of the sky at different times of the day, the movement in Visitor’s Cloudscapes creates the effect of rolling clouds in a timelapse, and generates varying colors and textures to transport viewers into digitally-driven sunrises and sunsets, offering an immersive moment of calm. Falling Lines echoes the gentle fall of rain, translated through a surreal spectrum of vivid colors.


Visitor Creative transformed the corporate US Bank Tower lobby into an elevated content destination by leveraging their vast network of artist and in-house production capabilities to create ongoing artistic programming for the largest, highest resolution indoor screen in Los Angeles. With the help of Visitor Creative’s efforts, the US Bank Tower received the BOMA award for the first time and became recognized as a leader in cultural participation while the building became a landmark destination for spectacularly immersive, gallery-level art experiences.